Marah Anabtawi

  • Lives in Palestine, has a degree in Highschool and Majored in Computer Systems Engineering at Birzeit University.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    Working in apple has always been my dream since I was 14 years old! Developing apps is my Hobby and I would love to work in this field and in one of the best innovators in the world: Apple company!
  • Why you should fund me?
    Because I believe that I have a clear vision towards the new ways for learning. My passion towards developing educational apps that students can use to gain knowledge can help improve the educational systems in Palestine. I already made two educational apps even before I start my bachelor degree.
  • Volunteer Experience:
    I have made two educational mobile apps. The first one is a gaming app for elementary school students to learn more about their subjects. The other one is called "Simubody" where the app tells you what happens to your body when you move some of your body parts in front of the mobile camera.
  • Awards & Achievements:
    I was chosen to represent the young palestinian tech entrepreneurs in the STEP program with Al Nayzak organization in NASA in 2016. I also won the best governmental apps competition with the Palestinian Ministry of Communications and got the rank of third

The first Palestinian Lady in Apple

I would like to be the fisrt Palestinian App Developer to work in Apple company. With your kind cotributions, you can make my dream come true! Read my profile to know why I deserve this! Ends at 2017-10-05

My skills and hobbies

programming , Microsoft office , design app, photoshop , app inventor 2, Scratch..
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