Hanifi Barkal

  • Lives in Lebanon, has a degree in Undergraduate and Majored in Biology at Lebanese University.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    I have one ambition in the life to become a Laboratory doctor , I will do my best to acheive my dream and Improve this field , My goal in the life to discover a solution to the dengarous illness (cancer) and offer the most important service to the humanity .
  • Why you should fund me?
    Well, First of all , My financial situation cannot help me to continue my eduction . Secondery , I promise I will be successful in this field and achieve my most important wish . Finally , I believe that my dream doesn't stop in a barrier , I wish I could get help so that I can complete my education
  • Volunteer Experience:
    I volunteered for Nawaya network and unicef
  • Awards & Achievements:
    I got two english certificate - I got a certificate in leading businesses and projects - I participated in many workshops - I got a course in accounting and Life skills

Student Ambition

I am a university student , I finished the high secondery school in 2016 scientific branch scoring the percentage 93,34 % . Now my university will start and I am not able to get in it because I am not able to pay the tuition , so that I am losing my dream , But I believe that nothing is impossible in this world , I wish I could get help to complete my education and I will do my best , my goal in this life is to discover the treament of chronic illnesses like cancer . If I didn't rigester by 15 october I will lose my chance to get in university , after I graduate I will go back home to serve people and we should all cooperate to rebuild syria and become better than before . Ends at 2017-11-30

My skills and hobbies

Legal, Business, Leadership Training, Communications, Inspire, Ambition..
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